Captain's Corner

June 2016

Captains Corner


The club championship was held last weekend, played over two days with the top players playing the second round on the Sunday. I came up in the afternoon to see the final groups finishing ending up with Dan Stanley winning for the second successive year and I was able to present him with the Nutt Cup.  But this year Dan did not win both competitions, Derek Faulkner won the Porter Salver well done Derek. More importantly than who won, was the number of players who stayed  to join in the social gathering afterwards. We were all sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and the friendly banter and it makes you think, this is good we have a great atmosphere in our club.


For this to continue we need to keep membership levels up, but over recent years numbers have been falling as it has at most Golf Clubs. To encourage new members we have encouraged pay and play visitors, not only does it make up some of the short fall in our income it also gives potential members a chance to enjoy our course. Over the next few months we are going to actively push for new members with various promotions, look out for details. If we want our golf course to thrive we need to be proactive and we can all play our part by bringing our friends and relatives up for a game and encourage them to join.


When I first joined I just wanted to play golf but you slowly fall under the spell of the course and enjoy the friendship of fellow members that you feel you want to make sure we flourish and prosper and we can only do that by introducing new golfers to the club. If you have any suggestions on how we can promote ourselves please come and talk to me


March 2016



Most encouraging news. At our first committee meeting we welcome the new members on board, Sam Mannion and Rob Eardley and then we ask them which sub committee they would like to sit on, Greens, Social, Financial, etc. but they said they would like to resurrect the junior section, something we have been lacking for a number of years. It really is most exciting, Sam is a retired teacher and Rob represents a number of our ‘younger’ members who have children just getting into golf. So if you have a son, daughter or grandchildren who you think would like to learn to play golf watch this space.


As the subscription invoice go out it’s always a bit sad when members turn round and say they would like to drop down to a social member as they are no longer able to play golf anymore. Many of these people have belonged to our club for many years. It is very much a reflection of golf clubs across the country, an ageing membership. We have got to work hard over the next few years to try and bring in new members to keep the club going.


Ross Alexander, one of our ‘younger’ members has come forward to offer his services in running our facebook page. It is a fact that millions of people use facebook everyday as a way of communicating and to find out what is happening in the world. We have been on facebook for a year but with Ross’s help we can take it to a new level keeping in touch with existing members and reaching out to encourage golfers to join our club.


The new office seems to be working well, and because of our position we get a lot more visitors which is always welcome. Also with the extra room fellow committee members are able to come in and do their work, which gives the whole area a great buzz. Don’t forget to pop in and say hello if you are passing and everybody must go by so I expect to see you all. 

February 2016

Well that’s it, I’m Captain of North Warwickshire Golf Club. I never meant to be, I always told everybody, no way do I want to become Captain. But it grows on you, you get more involved you start thinking you would like to try to make a difference. Anyway her I am for better or worse.  One of the first things I thought I should do is write a monthly piece for the newsletter telling you how I think it is all going and how I’m getting on.


Friday night the AGM it all seemed to go well and I’m delighted at the members who were voted on to the committee, Paul Dicks, Trish Lockie, John Hickling, Rob Eardley and Sam Mannion. I would also like to thank the other 5 members who stood and were unsuccessful, you obviously are keen to get involved in the running of the Club so I might well call upon, your help, if I may, throughout the year. 


What a great day Val and I had on Saturday, Captain’s Drive-in, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Neither of us made a fool of ourselves, well not on the golf course. Our team came fourth the right place for us to be. We were both overwhelmed by the number of members who helped make it happen. The mulled wine makers the canapés creators, many who were up at the crack of dawn, the scorers and markers, the peg picker uppers, the room clearer's, photographers, buggy lenders, chefs, the music makers and commentators. A great big thank you from both Val and I.

That’s it, but as I said at the AGM I will always welcome your ideas and thoughts, I’m always around come and talk to me, I may not be able to solve everything but I promise I will listen.

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