RULES AND BYELAWS (revised April 2022}

1. Name of Club.

The Club shall be known as " North Warwickshire Golf Club Limited.

2. Articles of Association

The Rules and Byelaws of the Club are as empowered by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club/Company. A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club/Company is available for inspection at the clubhouse or the Registered Office of the Club/Company or will be handed to any member requiring a copy, by the Secretary on request.

3. Election of Members.

Unless the Committee see special reason to waive this regulation, every candidate for membership of the Club, shall be proposed by one and seconded by another member of the Club. The application for membership of every such candidate shall be made in writing, signed by the candidate, by his/her proposer and seconder, on the prescribed form obtainable from the Membership Secretary.

4. Entrance Fee.

Entrance fees payable by new members of the Club, shall be such as the Club from time to time prescribe. 

5. Subscriptions.

Annual subscriptions payable by members of the Club shall be such as the Club shall from time to time prescribe. Until the Club shall otherwise resolve, all annual subscriptions shall become due and payable in advance on or before the 1st. Day of April in every year. Members elected after the 30th day of June in any year shall pay a reduced subscription on a pro-rata basis. Monthly payments are paid over a 10-month period.

6. Membership Categories (Figures quoted for April 2020 to March 2021 only)

Full Membership                                                    £800

Intermediate Members (24 – 27)                       £710

Intermediate Members (21 – 23)                       £430

Juniors (18 – 20)                                                    £280

Juniors (16 – 17)                                                     £160

Juniors Under 16                                 £50    Free if Parents, Grandparents, or Guardian is a Member.

Country Member                                                   £415

Holding Member                                                   £130

Social Member                                                       £70

7. Voting Rights

A Club Member who has paid the entrance fee in full and is duly registered who shall have paid every subscription and other sum (if any) which shall be due and payable to the Club in respect of membership shall be entitled to vote on any question either personally or by proxy for another member at Club general Meetings.   

8. Resignations.

Any member wishing to resign their membership of the Club shall give notice in writing of their intention so to do, addressed to the Secretary or Subscription Secretary at the Registered Office of the Club on or before the 31st day of March, failing which, such member shall be liable to pay the subscription for the next financial year. Former members, who resigned, wishing to re-join the Club within a period of five years shall be submitted for election as provided by the Articles of Association, but shall pay the current entrance fee less the entrance fee previously paid. After a period of five years the concessionary entrance fee will only be granted at the Committee's discretion.

9. Overdue Subscriptions.

Any member whose annual subscription is unpaid on the 1st day of May in any year, shall not be entitled, while the same remains unpaid, to play the course or represent the Club in any matches or tournaments. If the same remains unpaid on the 30th day of June, the person shall cease to be a member of the Club, but may at the discretion of the Committee, be reinstated on payment of all arrears. The person shall in any event remain liable for all monies due to the Club.

10.Visitors and Guests.

Visitors may play the course on payment of the green fee as from time to time prescribed by the Club. The scale of charges will be prominently displayed. Such visitors shall for the time being be entitled to all the privileges of the Club, including the purchase of alcoholic drinks, if served by a member of the Club.

A member may only introduce up to three guests at the concessionary fee at one time.

Guests will not be permitted to play the course more than six times in any one year at the concessionary rate, this figure may from time to time be increased at the discretion of the Committee.

Visitors will not be permitted to play the course on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays unless authorised by a member of the Committee or the Club Professional and then not before 9.30 a.m.

Junior members are not allowed to introduce guests at weekends or Bank Holidays and neither can they introduce adult guests at a concessionary green fee at other times.

Visitors can play the course at the discretion of the professional after paying a full green fee and must be dressed in compliance with the prevailing dress rules.

All non-playing guests introduced by a member of the Club may use the clubhouse, after signing the visitors’ book. (Members are reminded that this is a legal requirement, failure to comply could result in the Club losing its licence).

11. Ladies Playing Times.

Lady member's access to the course is in accordance with Ladies Section Rules and at the discretion of the Committee.

12. Complaints.

All complaints shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary who shall report to the Committee at their next meeting. The Secretary shall be empowered to deal with complaints wherever possible.

13. Loss of Property 

The Club shall not be liable for the loss of members or visitors property while left in or on the Club's premises or land, nor for injury to persons or damage to property caused by its members. The Committee strongly recommends that all members should obtain the appropriate insurance to cover such eventualities.

14.Reserved Tees.

The first tee will be reserved as follows: -

a.              Ladies Day (Thursday). Flexible starting times.

b.              Exclusives Monthly Competitions Shotgun Start (Wednesday) 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.

c.              For all matches and society events, the first tee will be reserved to suit the arranged starting times for a maximum 
of one hour. 

Players coming up to or on the 10th tee have preference over the first waiting match on either the mens or ladies 1st tee. Subsequent matches must alternate.

On competition days timed matches on the 1st tee have preference over matches leaving the 9th green.

15. Competitions.

Subject to the approval of the Committee, the Competitions Sub-Committee shall lay down the conditions under which a Competition is to be played (R & A Rules of Golf effective 2019 in conjunction with NWGC Local Rules).

Trophy Competitions. No member shall be deemed eligible to enter Trophy Competitions unless they have an active handicap. The maximum handicap for Trophy Competitions is specified by the appropriate Committee.

16. Practise.

Practise is not allowed on the course. Members must use the practice area as designated on the notice board.

17. Dress Code.

Dress must be appropriate when playing golf. Inappropriate clothing includes denim, tee shirts, collarless shirts and trainers. In the Clubhouse smart casual dress is acceptable. After competitions when a meal is provided players are required to change out of playing clothes. For certain functions, the dress code may be set by the Captain or the House Committee.

18. Golf Rules and Standards of Player Conduct. Rules 1.2/1.3

The rules of golf as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews effective 2019 shall be the rules of North Warwickshire Golf Club, with the addition of any local rules that may be from time to time be approved by the Committee. All members must always observe high standards of etiquette of player conduct. Particular attention is drawn to "Consideration for Other Players" and "Priority on the Course".

19. Dogs.

No dogs shall be brought on to the course, car park or into the clubhouse with the exception of assistance dogs.

20. Clubhouse

The hours of opening and closing of the clubhouse shall be determined by the Committee and displayed in a notice board in the clubhouse.

21. Mobile phones

Maybe used with discretion.


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